week 6

Week 6: Peer Engagement Forum – Grop 4From No unread replies.No replies.Provide a concise introduction for your posting.Using an economy of words, create and describe a potential case scenario involving a MSN-prepared nurse in your selected area of practice. Within the scenario, identify a specific problem that needs to be addressed. Examples might include a new curriculum, change in the EHR, decreasing patient satisfaction rates, safety risks, or another situation that impacts your future MSN role.Formulate a recommended change that could resolve the situation, and explain the intended impact.Discuss how Kotter’s Change Model would be applied in your recommended change initiative.Identify one specific leadership strategy to facilitate change, and describe how it is congruent with Kotter’s Change Model.Conclude with a succinct synopsis of key points and concise self-reflection of how this topic contributes to your growth as a future leader in the chosen specialty track.Please note that the requirements for the Peer Engagement Forum are different from what you are accustomed to in the traditional discussion boards in your previous classes. Refer to the assignment guideline and rubric listed below for specific requirements regarding expectations for postings within the peer engagement forum.Instructors reserve the right to alter assigned peer engagement groups to maximize the student experience and course outcomes.