Soap Note: Acute Myocardial Infarction

Follow the Soap Note Rubric as a guide:Use APA format and must include minimum of 2 Scholarly Citations.Soap Note Rubric:(Student Name)Miami Regional UniversityDate of Encounter:Preceptor/Clinical Site:Clinical Instructor:Soap Note # 1     Main Diagnosis: Acute Myocardial InfarctionPATIENT INFORMATIONName:Age:Gender at Birth:Gender Identity:Source:Allergies:Current Medications:PMH:Immunizations:Preventive Care:Surgical History:Family History:Social History:Sexual Orientation:Nutrition History:Subjective Data:Chief Complaint:Symptom analysis/HPI:The patient is …Review of Systems (ROS)CONSTITUTIONAL:NEUROLOGIC:HEENT:RESPIRATORY:CARDIOVASCULAR:GASTROINTESTINAL:GENITOURINARY:MUSCULOSKELETAL:SKIN:Objective Data:VITAL SIGNS:GENERAL APPEARANCE:NEUROLOGIC:HEENT:CARDIOVASCULAR:RESPIRATORY:GASTROINTESTINAL:MUSKULOSKELETAL:INTEGUMENTARY:ASSESSMENT:Main Diagnosis(Include the name of your Main Diagnosis along with its ICD10 I10. (Look at PDF example provided) Include the in-text reference/s as per APA style 6th or 7th Edition.Differential diagnosis (minimum 3)—PLAN:Labs and Diagnostic Test to be ordered (if applicable)· -· -Pharmacological treatment:-Non-Pharmacologic treatment:Education (provide the most relevant ones tailored to your patient)Follow-ups/ReferralsReferences (in APA Style)ExamplesCodina Leik, M. T. (2014). Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Intensive Review (2nd ed.).ISBN 978-0-8261-3424-0Domino, F., Baldor, R., Golding, J., Stephens, M. (2010). The 5-Minute Clinical Consult 2010(25th ed.). Print (The 5-Minute Consult Series).I attached one example:Please no plagiarism!!!