selft reflexion about diferent type of research

Self reflextion about quantitative , qualitative and mixed research studies (your point of view)Reflecting on howyouview the world will provide perspective on why you view the world as you do and yourself in it. Such introspection provides a model for social inquiry and, by extension, advanced nursing inquiry. Considering that it is not unusual for a researcher (or a non-researcher for that matter) to occupy a range of positions along the spectrum from Positivist to Pragmatist to Constructivist, where would you place yourself on that continuum? How do you know? What real-world examples lead you to this conclusion? As a result of critically reflecting on your beliefs and values, which is intended to lead us to a better understanding of self, which research methodology wouldyoube drawn to as a nurse researcher and why? Why is this process of self-discovery an important leg of your journey of learning in this course?the previous paragraph is the questions that will lead the self reflection , don’t need to write the questions on the reflection , plagiarism less than 25% , if quotation references needed