QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan)

Topic: Skin Integrity/ Wound Care-Paper must be APA format and at least 750 words not to exceed 1000 words.-Double spaced and use Times New Roman standard 12-point font.- A minimum of two (2) references must be used. The two references will include the required class textbook(Fundamentals Of Nursing 10th Edition) and at least one outside scholarly source (ex. journal article). APA format must be used citing and referencing sources.Textbook Info: Fundamentals of Nursing 10th Edition, Author: Potter Perry, Publisher: Elsevier- Health Sciences Division.The topic must be related to the specific given patient. The paper must be written in the 3rd person with the exception of reflection which has to be done in the 1st person. All descriptions analysis, interventions, etc, must be on skin integrity/ wound care topic.