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1d1 – Dell’s Supply Chain 
When a customer calls Dell Computers to order a computer, Dell builds one based on the customer’s unique requirements and ships it directly to customer—all in a matter of hours. What do you think Dell’s supply chain looks like? For this discussion, create a map of the Dell supply chain. You may sketch it out by hand and scan it or use mapping software of your choice.
1d2 – Traditional Versus Business Process Perspective
Use the Proctor and Gamble (P&G) example on pages 73–74 of your
Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management textbook to explain the benefits to the consumer of adopting a business processes perspective. Why might a traditional functional prospective have blinded P&G to the problems of the old system?
2d1 – Quality Deminisions
For this discussion, review “Getting Your Bags Is Half the Fun” on pages 107–108 of your textbook, then respond to the following questions:
  • What dimensions of quality were highlighted in the Delta case?
  • Would statistical process control tools such as control charts or acceptance sampling be enough to resolve quality shortcomings along all of those dimensions?
  • What are the implications of managing quality at Delta?
  • Has that quality lapse damaged Delta in the marketplace?
2d2 – Advanced Information Systems
In Chapter 14 of your
Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management textbook, Bozarth and Handfield discuss how advanced information systems will automate some of the more routine project activities. For this discussion, respond to the following questions:
  • How could automation change the role of project professionals?
  • Could this evolution help eliminate the perspective that project management professionals are not sensitive to time constraints?

75 word minimum per discussion question, First 2 questions due 1/21/15 7pm, last 2 questions de 1/22/18 7pm $20