power point discussion 7

For this unit’s Invention Lab, you will be creating and posting a draft of your visual or audio presentation using one of the technologies presented in Units 2 – 7 Tech Labs. The draft will then be revised in Unit 9 as part of the final project. This will help the message behind your ”big idea” reach an audience who can take action or be influenced by the information. If you have a preferred presentation method other than those described in the Tech Labs, contact your instructor for approval prior to submission of the presentation in this Invention Lab. Also, technologies can be combined, such as adding audio clips to a slide presentation.

Even if you are not visually creative, the message of your big idea should be clear in the method and outcome of the presentation. No matter what form of technology you use, it should meet the following requirements:

  • Overall message is clear and effective

  • Minimally, five facts, arguments, and/or insights  that are research-based are presented

  • Audience is considered in technology choice and design

  • Research sources are cited in APA format

  • Presentation is considered original (except for cited material)


Keep the following tips in mind when choosing the delivery method and designing the presentation

  • Choose technology wisely. Although many of the suggested technologies for a presentation may seem interesting, try to choose a technology that you can learn and use in the limited timeframe of this unit.
  • Use your strengths. Not everyone has the same creative abilities. Assess your strengths and use a corresponding technology. If you are not visually creative, then consider writing a commercial or podcast recording (e.g., Audacity); if you are not confident in your abilities to use technology, try creating a slide presentation, which is a matter of inserting text and graphics into MS Power Point or Impress. 
  • Plan out the project. Whether you create a storyboard or a simple outline of what to include in the presentation, this prewriting will keep you from pursuing tangents or trying to cover too much information.
  • Start out simple. Too many moving aspects or graphics will distract the audience from the message; scale back when you’re not sure. Avoid the use of “cute” or irrelevant clip-art.
  • Design for your audience. The expectations and needs of your audience should influence your decisions; for example, if teenage boys are the audience, then building a video game with cute talking animals may not interest the audience.
  • Motivate the audience. Beyond a visual or audio impact, the presentation needs to inform the audience about your argument and/or ideas on the topic. After viewing the presentation, the audience should take an active interest in the information by wanting to learn more or take action on what was learned.
  • I have included an attachment of the work done so far to help out.