outline and thesis paper 0

With your research well underway, submit the thesis and outline for your BE paper. To further refine your thesis, use the feedback you received last week. Make sure your outline follows the required format explained below.

Note. The purpose of this outline is to assist you in gathering the data you have compiled on your topic and to help you see where you need to do more research to “fill in” the gaps. Add: Please provide a two to three sentence response for each point.

Outline for the Paper


  1. Dramatic incident or quote to introduce the ethical issue.
  2. Why you chose this ethical issue.
  3. Thesis statement in which you preview what you are going to say about the ethical issue.


  1. What are the facts?
    1. Detail #1
    2. Detail #2, etc.
  2. What are the ethical issues that need to be addressed on:
    1. An individual level?
    2. An organizational level?
    3. A societal level?
  3. What are the alternatives for the main people involved?
    1. Alternative #1
    2. Alternative #2, etc.
  4. Evaluate the ethical alternative that would best embody each of the three main ethical theories we have covered, noting a brief explanation of each and why this theory would prefer this ethical course of action:
    1. Moral Virtue Theory
    2. Duty Theory
    3. Utilitarianism
  5. Choose an alternative and justify your decision.
  6. etermine how your decision might be perceived by the organization, individual or society.


  1. Summarize main points.
  2. Restate your decision.