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Outline your Paper and Continue Research


This week you will continue your research and prepare a comprehensive outline of your paper. Materials about preparing an outline are provided to assist you. Your outline should follow standard outline format and cover all components of your paper from Introduction through Conclusion, using appropriate headings and subheadings. Add a Bibliography at the end that includes at least nine sources – the previous six sources plus three new ones. 


You should have a solid understanding of what is involved in creating an annotated bibliography. As you locate and review sources of information for your project, you will begin preparing your own annotated bibliography of at least 15 sources (your nine sources from your previous assignments plus six new ones). You have 2 weeks to work on this Assignment, which is due no later than the end of Unit 4. Use your outline to determine how and where to utilize your research sources in your paper.


Attached is the thesis of the paper.  This will be a 26 page paper in the end.   It needs to be 3-4 pages, double spaced