open eyes

Consideroneof the groups to which youdobelong (it should beoneof the groups we have discussed in the course; intersectional groups like “Asian man” are appropriate as long as you specify what is unique about that intersection that makes it different from being “Asian” or being a “man”). Reflect on your experience in this course in learning more about that group and its experiences in the workplace.Submit a 1-page (approximately) paper that answers the following questions.What new insights did you gain about your group? BE SPECIFIC. Incorporate data (as warranted).How did you feel as you learned these new things?In what ways (if any) did these new insights influence how you see yourself and/or your group?What are some of the common workplace challenges associated with being a member of your group? BE SPECIFIC. Incorporate data (as warranted).What is your personal plan for navigating those challenges?What is the single most important thing you’ve learned in this course? This may or may not be directly related to your own group membership.How will you apply that in the workplace?Good explanations will be detailed and thought-provoking, but concise. You should alsouse course concepts and terminologyas applicable to demonstrate mastery of the course content. Include course concepts in bold print font so they more easily stand out.An example of how you might state something that suggests, but does not identify, a course concept:Beginning at our early childhood years, people treat girls and boys differently and have different expectations of them. These differences affect the way people decide what kinds of jobs people will be good at when they enter the workforce.An example of how you might state the same thing that explicitly identifies a course concept:Gender role socialization starts during early childhood and persists in the workforce through gendered job steering. (Then you would elaborate in more common and/or personal terms to demonstrate that you know what you were talking about and aren’t just throwing in vocabulary words for the sake of saying you did so.)The highest quality papers will also integrate insights beyond the textbook and lecture. Great resources include the readings and videos within the Modules but you are also encouraged to seek external resources as well. Cite anything you reference and include a link to the source in your submission.