Nursing leadership.

1.  Define your predominant leadership style (authoritarian, democratic, or laissez-faire). Ask those who work with you if in their honest opinion this is indeed the leadership style that you use most often. What style of leadership do you work best under? What leadership style best describes your present or former managers?2.  Emotions and Decision-Making Think back on a recent decision you made that was more emotionally laden than usual. Were you self-aware about what emotions were influencing your thinking and how your emotions might have influenced the course(s) of action you chose? Were you able to objectively identify the emotions that others were experiencing and how these emotions may have influenced their actions?3.  Access one of the following references (leave the course and type address into browser, if unable to open via link), read the Mission Critical file andpost a critique of the one websites below and the Mission Critical  to the discussion board.In some cases you may need to copy and paste the links below:1. Judgment and Decision Making:sjdm.org2. Problem solving tools: Management and Leadership Skills: View Mission Critical file- teaches basic concepts on decision-makingAttached is the mission critical file if needed.