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General Instructions

  • Answer  the following two prompts with well-developed essays using your most vigorous English.
  • Your answers should be 450 words each, so 900 words total. 
  • You should use your textbook and two outside sources for each answer. Wikipedia will not be considered a legitimate outside source for this test.
  • Properly cite borrowed thoughts and language.
  • A bibliography should be included for both essays. (This does not count towards the word total for the essay.)
  • Specific composers and works should be cited in each example to illustrate your argument.
  • Essay are to be submitted to the dropbox by Saturday 11:59 CST.


Each essay  will be graded with the following point distribution:

Essay addresses and covers all facets of the prompt 19 
Specific examples of composers and works are used to illustrate answer   
Three sources are cited with a bibliography  8.5
General essay composition and grammar
Total  47.5

A Note on Plagiarism

I will submit your essays to This website detects plagiarized text and reveals the source document. Any student caught plagiarizing will receive a zero for the assignment and be referred to the appropriate administration.


  1. Twentieth century composers developed new organizing systems and included sounds never before utilized in Western fine art music. Choose three compositions that we have studied in the final four weeks of class and detail how the composers rejected inherited traditions and embraced new forms and musical materials. 
  2. In his book What to Listen for in Music Aaron Copland suggests that modern compositions can be divided into four categories that relate to how difficult it is to understand the music: Very easy, Quite approachable, Fairly difficult, and Very tough. For each of these categories select a work that we have studied in the last four weeks and explain your choices. ( note) we were studying about Hayden. Mozart, Berlioz, Chopin, and Beethoven. this should help with what the prompts are requiring. thanks