logic essay


As a required assignment, worth 10 points, write a 2-page (between 800-900 words) essay about the pervasiveness of informal fallacies in our daily speech


A 2-page essay (between 800-900 words), typed in 1.5-space, font times new roman 12, margins of 1”, and containing the heading shown in the sample provided by the instructor. Essay should be based on the theme “the pervasive presence of informal fallacies in our daily lives” and must address the topics described below under “content”. Students are NOT allowed to deliver their essay any time prior to this deadline. Paper heading must be MLA style. Papers not following this file name format will not be graded.

Very important: An extension of 24 hours will be granted to those who miss the scheduled delivery deadline, at a cost of 3.0 points to be deducted from the essay’s grade. No other extension will be granted under any circumstances. Students who are unable to deliver the essay by this date will lose the 10 points assigned to this assignment. No exceptions will be considered. The instructor will not return essays for correction of any form. So make sure to review essay format, number of words, file name, etc., prior delivery


Make sure your essay addresses the following topics: 

  1. Definition of informal fallacy. 
  2. Distinction between informal and formal fallacy.
  3. Reasons for us to commit informal fallacies so frequently.
  4. Provide, at least, three examples of informal fallacy taken from daily conversation, TV commercial, newspaper’s articles, etc. Describe the fallacy, indicating its name and category.
  5. Steps to avoid informal fallacies.

Essay Grading

This essay is a required assignment worth 10 points. It will be graded based on the following criteria:

  1. Essay format and structure1.0 points
  2. Presentation of the requested content2.5 points
  3. Coherence/consistence among the ideas/parts of the essay2.5 points
  4. Grammar and spelling2.0 points
  5. Professor’s general opinion about the paper2.0 points


(Effort is not part of the criteria for grading the essay. There is no point for the amount of effort the student put into the creation of the essay.)