Leading toward Effective Management

Leading toward Effective ManagementMembers of the interdisciplinary team are frustrated because two members are providing patient counsel contrary to the agreed upon plan of care. Consider this scenario and address the following.In a two-paragraph email to your supervisor, explain how you will lead toward effective management to address the issue. Include the theory or framework underpinning your action, as well as any micro, meso, or macro level interventions. Remember, this is in the format of an email; therefore, it should be concise with a summarized action plan.*Attached weekend lecture with theories**Comment and indication by the professor: I recommend that you approach the topic in either of three ways:Introduce your email to the supervisor by explaining your approach to this scenario as its leader based on either a management theory, a leadership theory, or a synthesis of both that seem to work best with your leadership style. Then present the email to explain to the supervisor how you will lead toward effective management to address the issue with those scientific underpinnings as your foundation for leadership behavior.2. The second variation of this is to present that same email to the supervisor (as described above) and then have a follow-up paragraph after the email that explains it in more detail (as described above)3. Present only an email that explains your leadership approach to the supervisor, and then explain to the supervisor how you arrived at that approach using management and leadership theories to direct your actions.All three of those methods have been used by students successfully.