imperial coins


   i have just finished with this paper but the instructure told me that the paper lack organization and i have been asked the followings 

Thesis add compare to justin and charlimna coins specifically then say we can learn about justin from the solidus first vivid eye witness descriptition 2nd details as the lend to the assigment then what are the inscriptions . 3rd conclustion about justin from the coin  then franteishcoins to find out about charlemain 1st vivid description 2nd details and use secondary source 3rd is to draw conclusion then conclustion 


Note ; the whole paper in general need editting and here are the orginal guidlines 

Imperial coins

Location and Artifact: There are selections of Byzantine imperial coins on display both at the National Gallery of Art exhibit and at Dumbarton Oaks (details on both institutions are above). Select one of those coins and compare it to the Charlemagne coin we have examined in class. 


Text: The text in this case is the inscription on the coins; be sure you choose a coin where the catalogue or wall plaque gives you the details of the inscription.



Questions to consider: How do the coins differ? What elements does each coin focus on? How do the inscription and image on each coin combine? What kinds of arguments about royal or imperial power do the coins make? What do you need to know to understand the images and text on the coins?