health care informatics

Assignment:It can take several hours of game play to learn the mechanics of some games, even longer for the more complex games. If subject matter learning can occur only after this initial game mechanic learning has taken place, educators need to justify the amount of time a learner spends in the game environment. User interaction is important in this type of learning and evaluation of success might be measured by user knowledge enhancement and be able to use that new knowledge in real-life situations.For this assignment, create a PowerPoint® or Prezi® presentation covering this content:Design an educational simulation scenario incorporating the use of an electronic health record (EHR) and answer the following questions:Title Slide (1 slide)Which informatics competencies would you focus on and why? (2 slides)What strategies will you use to encourage user engagement and interaction with the simulation? (2 slides)What strategies will you use to measure user knowledge engagement from interaction with the simulation? (2 slides)How can virtual reality, simulations, and real-life scenarios be designed to provide optimal education? (2 slides)How might available resources and technology differ in an urban environment versus a rural environment? (2 slides)How might virtual reality, simulations, and real-life scenarios be integrated into the nursing school curriculum to increase patient, practitioner, and hospital safety?References Slide (1 Slide)An example of a quality presentation is located in the Resources tab and make certain to include an audio explanation and detailed speaker notes on all content slides, and use at least 5 references. include pictures