glorious garden lawn service

Glorious Garden Lawn Service — complete tutorial

Inside the excel file tutorial includes:

1. Journal Entries

2. Adjusting Entries

3. Closing Entries

4. General Ledger

5. Unadjusted Trial Balance

6. Adjusted Trial Balance

7. Financial Statements (Income Statement, Statement of Owner’s Equity, Balance Sheet)

8. Post-Closing Trial Balance (this is located inside in the “financial statements” tab in the excel file)

9. Worksheet

Check Figures:

Cash-checking balance July 30th $2,863.

Balance of office supplies, July 31 $25.

Gas & Oil expense account on July 26th $85.

Balance Jays Drawing account on July 19 $132.

Total Expenses = $1615.

Increase in Owners Equity (Jay Stevens, ending capital) = $4123.

Total assets = $12,048.