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To do this, go to the AT&T website at Websites change over time, but the AT&T website will have a listing for these services somewhere on the home page. Right now, from the AT&T home page, select the menu item that says Business. Under it, select the menu item that says Enterprise Business. On this page, look for Network Services.

The Network Service page will show all of the services that AT&T can provide to a large business to connect their sites to each other, to other organizations, and to their customers. Thinking back to the basic networking courses you have taken, read these service descriptions, and then answer these questions.

1. What is a VPN as you understand it (before reading AT&T’s description)? (5 points)

2. What is a VPN as AT&T describes it? (5 points)

3. What is the difference between a MPLS and an IPSec VPN as AT&T explains it? (5 points)

4. What is metro Ethernet? (5 points)

5. What are SONET ring services? (5 points)

6. Does AT&T offer frame relay? (5 points)

7. Does AT&T offer T-carrier service, also called private line? (5 points)


8. AT&T offers DWDM as a service. What is DWDM? (5 points)