Current Event Presentation

All submissions must be in MS PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Prezi format, and there must be a minimum of 7 slides. Of the 7, there will be one cover slide (at the beginning), and one reference slide (at the end). one prediction (1-5 in the article’s list) to focus on for this assignment.Read chapter 2 of the course textbook (specifically pages 17 through 26 which focus on knowledge-based and scientific management)Select an aspect of knowledge-based OR scientific management related to the prediction.The mandatory slides to be included are: 1. cover, 2. a summary of the prediction, 3. a general explanation of knowledge-based and 4. a general explanation of scientific management, 5. explanation of how an aspect of knowledge-based OR scientific management relates to the selected prediction, 6. discuss how the prediction impacts your current or desired professional career, 7. ReferencesBe sure not to over-complicate this submission; follow the slide sequence provided.Slide criteria:Slides should contain some kind of design. Simple black text on a white background is not acceptable.Each slide should contain a photo or graph so coincide with its text.A grammar or spell check should be conducted prior to submission.Text on the slides should be listed in a bulleted/list format not huge paragraph chunks. There should be a minimum of 5 bulleted items pers slide (but there can be more).