Case Study One: Measles

ObjectivesList three (3) strategies for active case findingDescribe outbreak control measuresPrepare a statement for media during an outbreak situationIdentify critical components of an outbreak investigation reportInstructionsComplete each question in the case study. It is recommended to answer each question in sequential order since you are performing an outbreak investigation.You can use classroom or online resources to answer the questions, such as CDC or local health departments.You can answer the questions directly in the Word Document (attached to assignment). Please save your file as LastName_FirstName_PBHE426_Case Study 1.Please put your name in the document header.Submit your completed assignment in the Classroom Assignment – Case Study One.This assignment is to be completed individually. The assignment will have “group” or “team” activities. You need to complete all questions in the case study, but you can exclude the in-class portions, such as writing responses on flip-charts.PLEASE VIEW ATTACHMENT FOR QUESTIONS