c assignment 6993845 2

Create a Visual Studio C# Console Application for the following:

1. Declare an abstract class (not an interface) called “EmployeeSalary” and create a concrete class called “DoctorSalary” to manage the salary information by inheriting the EmployeeSalary class.

2. Use a List collection whose elements are DoctorSalary classes to manage the data below.

3. Write LINQ query for each of the following and display each result separately from the List collection.

(a) Sort the List by Name in ascending order and display EmpNumber, Name, NumPatient, BonusPerPatient, and BaseSalary

(b) For each object in the List calculate NumPatient * BonusPerPatient + BaseSalary and name the Calculated column TotalSalary. Display the List of objects in ascending order of TotalSalary

(c) Display the List of objects whose TotalSalary is greater than $15,000 in ascending order of TotalSalary.


In the item (b) and (c), “Display the List of object” means you should display EmpNumber, Name, NumPatient, BonusPerPatient, BaseSalary, and TotalSalary



EmpNumber         Name                        NumPatient       BonusPerPatient     BaseSalary
83                           James Bond                    150                         $50                       $6,000
24                           Matthew Kennedy        190                         $50                       $6,500
7                             Luck Scott                       156                         $53                       $6,300
77                          James Young                   176                         $49                       $6,300
39                          Michael Fielder               123                         $79                      $7,000
68                          Robert King                     106                         $48                       $7,000